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Investigative services

We offer investigative services in the whole country, with particular focus on the following provinces: Lesser Poland, Silesia and Mazovia and cities like Cracow, Tarnów, Rzeszów, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała.

Investigative services

Family affairs

Divorce. At-fault divorce

  • Uncovering adultery and unfaithfulness towards a spouse or a partner
  • Gathering evidence for a court trial

Partition of joint property

  • Determining particular constituents of property
  • Searching for hidden assets.
  • Searching for witnesses.
  • Gathering statements of persons who might help determine rights to estate


  • Surveillance of a spouse with focus on custody rights given to them by a court
  • Surveillance of a spouse as far as the way they take care of children is concerned
  • Surveillance of third parties taking care of children; for example, a babysitter.


  • Determining a place of residence.
  • Determining a place of work.
  • Determining real income of a person who is obliged to pay alimony.
  • Services for entrepreneurs

Verifying credibility of business partners

Verifying financial credibility

  • Gathering information on the past performance of companies.
  • Gathering information on companies’ owners or shareholders and their business activity in the past.
  • Recovery of receivables. Uncovering hidden income. Searching for hidden and valuable movables such as specialist machines. Search for debtors of the attached claim.
  • Verifying the way employees use their medical sick leaves.
  • Controlling whether employees meet the terms of non-competition contracts.
  • Detection and gathering evidence concerning unauthorized use of registered trademarks.
  • Industrial intelligence.

Other services

  • Missing persons inquiry
  • Hiding persons search
  • Establishing witnesses
  • Computer forensics. Cracking passwords. Recovering lost passwords. Recovering electronic evidence and data deleted from storage mediums.

Price list

We evaluate fees after becoming familiar with the case. To evaluate the client’s assignment only general information is necessary. At this stage, we don’t ask questions about names, addresses etc. During initial meeting, you always talk to one person – private investigator Bartłomiej Karasiński (mobile phone no. 511 555 222). The first meeting is free of charge. We are obliged to keep any information obtained from the client confidential.

Fees are given per one hour, per one working day or a price for the whole service is specified. In some cases it is possible that a case will be accepted for a price specified in advance for the so-called “effect”. In this case, the evidence is gathered in order to indicate among others “cyclicality of events” (i.e. that the events tended to repeat).

When the assignment is completed, the client receives a report on conducted activities, as well as photos and films. We issue VAT invoices.

We appear as witnesses before courts.

For more detailed information, please call the following number:
511 555 222 private investigator Bartłomiej Karasiński


Spy equipment rental

We have high-class equipment for surveillance and recording events such as cameras, lenses, video cameras, hidden cameras, night vision devices, drones, GPS tracking devices and others.

For more detailed information, please contact directly the private investigator Bartłomiej Karasiński (mobile phone no.: + 48 511 555 222).
Companies and institutions are also kindly invited to start cooperation with us.



Those who know the history of their own family are like trees which are aware of their roots’ power. They know what kind of storms and gales they are going to endure, because they know their ancestors and the problems they were wrestling with. They often know their successes and failures, abilities and virtues. They know the foundation they are standing on because they know that what they are like and what they inherit from the ancestors.

Those who don’t know the history of their own family should learn it as soon as possible. Their own, so far unknown world, will open in front of them. Looking through the family albums with the pictures of faces which are strange on the surface, linking on the paper names of the people they don’t know, one moment they will notice that they are learning their own history – history of their DNA.

To be proud of your family you don’t have to pride yourself on coats of arms or honors. Regardless of the honors or wealth, in every family you can find both outstanding people of merit and little, mean ones. History is my passion. I hand this passion and detective skills over to you. I also provide services concerning creating family trees, searching for ancestors.