Those who know the history of their own family are like trees which are aware of their roots’ power. They know what kind of storms and gales they are going to endure, because they know their ancestors and the problems they were wrestling with. They often know their successes and failures, abilities and virtues. They know the foundation they are standing on because they know that what they are like and what they inherit from the ancestors.

Those who don’t know the history of their own family should learn it as soon as possible. Their own, so far unknown world, will open in front of them. Looking through the family albums with the pictures of faces which are strange on the surface, linking on the paper names of the people they don’t know, one moment they will notice that they are learning their own history – history of their DNA.

To be proud of your family you don’t have to pride yourself on coats of arms or honors. Regardless of the honors or wealth, in every family you can find both outstanding people of merit and little, mean ones. History is my passion. I hand this passion and detective skills over to you. I also provide services concerning creating family trees, searching for ancestors.