Investigative services

We offer investigative services in the whole country, with particular focus on the following provinces: Lesser Poland, Silesia and Mazovia and cities like Cracow, Tarnów, Rzeszów, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała.

Investigative services

Family affairs

Divorce. At-fault divorce

  • Uncovering adultery and unfaithfulness towards a spouse or a partner
  • Gathering evidence for a court trial

Partition of joint property

  • Determining particular constituents of property
  • Searching for hidden assets.
  • Searching for witnesses.
  • Gathering statements of persons who might help determine rights to estate


  • Surveillance of a spouse with focus on custody rights given to them by a court
  • Surveillance of a spouse as far as the way they take care of children is concerned
  • Surveillance of third parties taking care of children; for example, a babysitter.


  • Determining a place of residence.
  • Determining a place of work.
  • Determining real income of a person who is obliged to pay alimony.
  • Services for entrepreneurs

Verifying credibility of business partners

Verifying financial credibility

  • Gathering information on the past performance of companies.
  • Gathering information on companies’ owners or shareholders and their business activity in the past.
  • Recovery of receivables. Uncovering hidden income. Searching for hidden and valuable movables such as specialist machines. Search for debtors of the attached claim.
  • Verifying the way employees use their medical sick leaves.
  • Controlling whether employees meet the terms of non-competition contracts.
  • Detection and gathering evidence concerning unauthorized use of registered trademarks.
  • Industrial intelligence.

Other services

  • Missing persons inquiry
  • Hiding persons search
  • Establishing witnesses
  • Computer forensics. Cracking passwords. Recovering lost passwords. Recovering electronic evidence and data deleted from storage mediums.